Nova Broadcasting Group and Net Info announced new appointments

After the appointment of Stefana Zdravkova as the CEO of Nova Broadcasting Group (NBG), she announced today that Krasimira Vasileva Hadzhiyska will act as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the leading multi-platform media and technology company.

Krasimira Vasileva Hadzhiyska is an established professional, who joined the team of Nova Broadcasting Group 19 years ago. She has been part of the company’s impressive progress, which has been able to develop into an undisputed market leader in recent years. Over the years, Krasimira Vasileva Hadzhiyska has worked in various positions at NBG. In 2013, she took over the strategic management of the Sales, Marketing and PR Departments. With her solid experience in the field of sales and public communications, she is excellently familiar with the media market and her team, being actively involved in their development. Krasimira Vasileva Hadzhiyska has been at the bottom of the good partnerships and successful negotiations on the addition of multiple international TV channels to Nova Broadcasting Group’s portfolio. They include The Walt Disney Company, FOX, AXN, Discovery, etc., distinguishing the company as a pioneer in creating the first Sales House in Bulgaria. Krasimira Vasileva Hadzhiyska has undergone multiple specialized trainings in management and television sales, including at the headquarters of the Discovery Channel (Washington DC, USA) and WCOV-TV Fox 20 (USA).

Alexander Varov is the new Executive Director of Net Info. Previously, he was Commercial Director and Portfolio Manager of NBG’s subsidiary, working successfully on the development of the company’s ecosystem of digital products, increasing its sales and establishing good business relationships with all partners.

Known for his professionalism and principles of work, for the past 20 years Alexander Varov has had a key role in the development of the market of internet advertising and digital media in Bulgaria and he is one of the prominent figures in Bulgaria’s digital space. Being one of the innovators in the industry, he has been among the key drivers of the transfer and establishment of the latest best practices from the international digital market. He has worked in various positions in the field of product development, marketing, and sales in some of Bulgaria’s leading online companies. In 2008 and 2018 he was awarded for his overall contribution to the development of the Bulgarian digital media by the expert council with BG Site and Site of the Year.

Emanuil Manolov is the new Operating Director of Net Info. He has been part of the team behind the leading media and technology company since 2001 and has an established authority and innovative thinking. For the past seven years, he has led the Software Development department, after occupying various management positions related to Net Info’s product portfolio. As a developer, he has worked on all key projects of the company. Emanuil Nikolov holds an MA in Computer Science and IT Systems from the Sofia University. He was assistant at the Mathematics and Informatics Department at the Sofia University.

Pavel Blagov, incumbent commercial manager of the Distribution Department at Nova Broadcasting Group, has been appointed as head of Content Distribution and New Platforms. For the past seven years, he has been in charge of the distribution of the company’s TV channels. He has rich professional experience in multi-national companies, occupying various positions in previous periods at Procter&Gamble, Melia Hotels International, AB Travel. He has a diploma in tourism and International business & Enterprise from the Economic University in Varna. Since 2016, he has been acting as mentor of social entrepreneurs as part of Nova Broadcasting Group’s biggest social responsibility initiative, PROMYANATA (Game Changers), implemented in partnership with the Reach for Change  Bulgaria Foundation.

“I believe that the internal promotion of established professionals with long-year experience is of high importance for the development of the company and the reinforcement of its positons as an invariable factor in the Bulgarian media sector. The management team of Nova Broadcasting Group shares the same large-scale ideas of new successes ahead,” said Stefana Zdravkova, CEO of Nova Broadcasting Group.